• Bonbon-land One of Denmark's most popular theme parks is only a 25 minutes' drive from De Hvide Svaner. Crazy, mega-size amusements for kids of all ages and a huge water slide. Enough fun for a whole weekend. 
    Visit Bonbon-land's website.

  • Næstved Legeland is not just for kids. Forget all about your birth certificate. Run, jump and laugh with your kids in this large indoor playground at Næstved Stor-Center.
    Visit Næstved Legeland's website.

  • A white tiger at the end of the road. A five minute drive to Karrebækvej is all it takes to get close to a white tiger, kangaroos, crocodiles and the rest of the exotic animal family in the Zoo-park Sydsjælland.
    Visit Zoo-park's website.

  • Go bowling. Who will be the family champion at bowling? Come and have good time in Næstved Bowling Center.
    Visit Næstved Bowling Center's website.

  • Good film and music scene. Næstved has two very modern cinemas, showing the latest films in the best possible quality. If you prefer live music or theater, Næstved has lots to offer here, too. In the old part of town, you will find great coffee shops and good restaurants.

  • Kalvehave Labyrintpark is 35 kilometers away with 20,000 m2 of mazes, great games and brain teasers that will challenge your sense of direction and your sense of logic. 
    Visit Kalvehave Labyrintpark website.

  • Culture for the whole family you will find at Borreby Theatre. Borreby Manor near Skælskør is the perfect setting for an interesting theater experience. Discover classics such as The Three Musketeers or a classical concert in the historic buildings.
    Visit Borreby Teater website.
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