Since 1972, we have created the atmosphere and surroundings for our guests' holiday memories.

The Countess and the campsite

On Saltø Gods, just 5 kilometers from the campsite, the story of De Hvide Svaner (The White Swans) begins. The beautiful estate buildings have been home and workplace for the Count family of von Scheel-Plessen for 300 years and this is where the idea of creating a campsite was first born.

Count Carl and his wife Countess Anita von Scheel-Plessen lead the way. They wanted to use the unique piece of land at the fjord shore near the fishing village of Karrebæksminde for a campsite.

In 1971 the Countess and her son Count Carl-Alexander opened De Hvide Svaner.

With great warmth, diligence and vision, the Countess and Count Carl-Alexander managed to create a campsite that would soon become the site for the best holiday experiences of many campers. A lot of the site's regular visitors still have vivid memories of the charismatic Countess. They remember how the Countess used to gather the guests around the campfire for storytelling and how she would teach the children on the site how to paint nice pictures.

The now deceased Countess Anita von Scheel-Plessen followed the campsite with great passion and dedication. Today, however, it is her grandson Count Carl-Christian von Scheel-Plessen, who carries on the traditions of one of Zealand's largest and most popular campsites.

Carl-Christian von Scheel-Plessen is very much present at De Hvide Svaner, always keen to have a chat with the guests and always there with his family as a natural focal point at the site’s celebrations and anniversaries. “We are a family, running a place for families,” he says.

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