Our Camp Manager

Our Camp Manager

Who is our Camp Manager and what is his mission for the campsite?

New Camp Mangaer in October 2020
De Hvide Svaner Camping's camp manager is named Ole Mørkeberg, and has been camp manager at the campsite since October 2020. 
Ole has actually been a familiar face on the site for many years, as since 2009 he has been responsible for the Svanemarked and Svanegrillen, which is our grocery store and grill bar on the campsite.

With Ole as camp manager, we have no doubt that our guests receive a happy remark and the customer service we want to provide.


Dear reader, my name is Ole.

I have been part of the team since 2009, as the leaseowner of Svanemarked and Svanegrill at De Hvide Svaner Camping.
Alongside the lease over the years it came naturally that I became a go-to person and deputy manager. When it became necessary to make a managerial change in the autumn of 2020, I was appointed camp manager, which has been my role since.

I have been involved in retail for more than 40 years, of which I have been self-employed for the last 32 years. I was appointed due to my background, my knowledge of the place and the guests - and my understanding of the concept of customer service. Therefore i am the forefront of the future success and development of the place, in close collaboration with our owner and other staff.

Customer service is part of my DNA
I consider it our most important task that during your visit with us you get the best service, no matter what you need help with. We are honored that you have chosen our campsite to holiday on, and really loves showing you that.

We have the belief that we are never better than the last guest who has left the place. Therefore, it is also extremely important for us that you as a guest contact us directly at the reception, if there is something that does not match your expectations, so we have the opportunity to change this immediately. Maybe there's something wrong we're not familiar with? Maybe you have not received proper information? Or maybe we should align the expectations?

We would really like to hear what you think about your stay with us. Both by contacting the reception directly, or by reporting your visit online - good or bad. Without your help and input, we will not develop, nor will we be able to strengthen what we want - the customer satisfaction.

The Countess and the dream
De Hvide Svaner Camping was founded in 1972 by the Countess of Saltø Gods, Anita Von Scheel Plessen and her son, Count Carl Alexander. They both had a dream of making this scenic piece of South Zealand one of the tourists' favorite camping holiday destinations. And that really succeeded. Today, 50 years later, we have 85,000 to 90,000 overnight stays on the site throughout the season - every year.

Today it is Carls Alexander's son, Count Carl-Christian, who after generational change is the owner of Saltø Gods and De Hvide Svaner Camping. Carl-Christian is actively involved in the operation of De Hvide Svaner Camping all year round, and you will therefore also meet him on the campsite.

A campsite in constant development
n 2022, we can celebrate the campsites 50th anniversary, and it is on a campsite in rapid development. We have actually through the last approx. 12 years invested more than 22 million. DKK on the development and upgrade of the campsite, to the state-of-the-art campsite we are today.
Since the autumn of 2020 alone and until December 2021, we have spent over 11 million. DKK on i.a. a complete renovation and expansion of our largest service building, which we call the pool building. The pool building is funnily enough located right next to our renovated outdoor heated pool, which is heated to 26 degrees in the period mid-May to early August.

With these investments and our other efforts at the campsite, we are also really happy and proud when we open the barriers for season 2022. Our campsite has from season 2022 been upgraded from 3 to 4 stars, as one of the few pitches on Zealand.
And not only that, we have also been Green Stay certified, which means that we as a campsite do something extra for the environment, nature and dissemination based on the FN's 18 climate goals.
Furthermore from season 2022 we have got charging places for 4 cars. So if you are among those who invested in either a hybrid or electric car, then you can charge this om the campsite.

So even though we can celebrate our 50th anniversary this year, we certainly do not feel old. We are fully in line with expectations and the development in society and of the holiday form camping in Denmark. And if you want to test us, just find our booking site, book your next holiday - and then safely leave the rest to us.


On behalf of the entire team behind De Hvide Svaner Camping, we want to wish you a good camping season 2022. And that is regardless of whether you will stay with us or one of the many other places in beautiful Denmark.

Ole Mørkeberg
Camp Manager, De Hvide Svaner Camping


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