At our playground, it can be difficult to choose: seesaw, trampoline, climbing tower or swings?

At De Hvide Svaner your children have endless playing opportunities and if the children are happy, the family thrives.
The playground offers trampolines, swings and seesaws. And there is lots to do for sporty campers, too: Volleyball, basketball or football.

Playground for all ages
On the large playground you will find a cable slide, which can really give wind in the hair and suction in the stomach. The cable slide is located between the pool building and the playground.

There are also several trampolines and bouncy mats, in different sizes so the children automatically choose according to courage and age. In addition, there are sandboxes, climbing towers, seesaws and a wealth of opportunities to make new playmates.

In the playground area, there is a bench set for the adults - and for the children, when they just need a little break before they go out and play again.

You will find the playground in the middle of the square, and is a natural gathering place for families with children during the day.

Who can shoot the highest?
For the ball-loving, there are many opportunities to show talent. You will find a volleyball court, basketball court and football field in the area by Kæmpehøjen, behind the pool area. So go play against your family or friends.

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