Spaces for mobile homes

Spaces for mobile homes

Do you call it a motorhome pitch, Quick Stop pitch, Stellplätze or a night booth for motorhomes?
Either way, you have all the options at De Hvide Svaner Camping.

Are you on a nice road trip in South Zealand, and do you need a short or long-term motorhome pit stop? At De Hvide Svaner Camping we have several options for you in a motorhome.

Motorhome pitches
Outside the barriers, close to our fenced dog area, we have 8 motorhome pitches on grass with the option of power connection. In these places you pay a unit price, and in addition for the number of people you are in the car. The campsite's facilities can be used on equal terms with those who stay 'within the barriers'.

If you want to settle down on a picth with power within the barriers on De Hvide Svaner, we offer a space for your motorhome on the same terms as caravans. You pay a unit price, and in addition for the number of people you are in the car. You thus get close to the facilities and of course have full access to all our activity offers.

Stellplätze, Quick Stop pitches and night stalls
At our two Quick Stop pitches / night pitches, which are located outside the barriers, you can arrive after 16.00 and drive off the next day before 12.00. In these two places, motorhomes may only spend the night max. 1 night at a time. In the meantime, you can use our facilities so you are ready for new adventures the next day.
There is no electricity for these places, and a unit price is paid incl. persons.

Please note that other pitches without electricity are exclusively for tents.

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