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If you have just visited our campsite, you are very welcome to give us your review.

Do you want to give us feedback on your experience with us? In any case, we would like to hear what you think about the campsite, us and the service you received during your stay.
You are always welcome to a direct dialogue at the reception - but otherwise there are also several places online where you can report your visit. 


Tripadvisor is a large travel platform where you through more than 859 million reviewers can form an impression of accommodation, restaurants, experiences, airlines and more.


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Truspilot is one of the most well-known review sites in Denmark, where more than 120 million reviews have been made on more than 529,000 websites.


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On Google, a nice little presentation of us is displayed if you search for "De Hvide Svaner Camping". In this view you can see Google reviews, and even report if you have a Google account.


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Most people know Facebook, and here it is also possible to send a review of us. You are also very welcome to follow us, tag us or otherwise share your stay with us on our social media.


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